Erin (glockbell) wrote,

Last Day of Lazing

I went bowling today. The scores alone demonstrate that it had been a while since I last bowled. 126, 168, 195. The first one is easily explained by needing a warm-up, adjust to the lanes period. The 195 was really frustrating because I had three open frames. It could have easily been a high game for me (212) if I hadn't made stupid mistakes. And if I could manage to pick up the 10-pin.
In addition, there's the pain. My left gluteal and right finger muscles are very sore. That's going to be very annoying tomorrow during my first day of work.
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Good luck!!

Stretch for the fingers? Other than that I vote ibuprofin and maybe a warm cup of tea to curl fingers around and sip.
come in for a massage. I can fix you butt!! lol, maybe your fingers too.
Haha-thank you for the personalized advertisement. Unfortunately, 4 hours may be a little far to travel for a massage.
Well come home for a visit and come see me while you're here, silly!

...That translates into: I got your pictures and I enjoyed them very much.

The giraffes were cool, too, and I love how the red panda was just all "*Plop* I sleep naow, k." Thank you! *hugs*