Erin (glockbell) wrote,

I watched Bolt tonight


I had a choice between Bolt and Seven Pounds. I didn't feel like crying, so I went with Bolt. Yeah...that lasted exactly 23 minutes.

They spend more than a half hour in Ohio, which is cool, and they try to hop one of my Dad's trains. However, I have heard of animal control, but I have never seen a real-life dog-catcher. I have only seen them in Disney cartoons. And although I am finally willing to admit that there are people with accents in Ohio, I have never heard one like the lady working at the pound. I suppose that was some random Hollywood actress doing her general Midwestern accent.

It's very cute and I don't know why I didn't go see it when it came out. Why do I ever doubt that I will love a Disney film? I waited a month to see Enchanted, almost didn't see Wall-E, saw The Incredibles on DVD. I really need to just trust the history see Disney in the theater since I have never not loved one of their movies. I wish that I had seen Nemo when it came out, because now I've seen it in pieces among various TV showings and have never fully appreciated it in a single sitting. And now I'm prejudiced against it after that terrible musical rendition at Animal Kingdom.

The alley cat's story is sad because it reminds me of all the homeless cats who get left on campus when their People move and don't take their kitties with them.

Zeke even came looking for me and sat on my lap for a while during the movie. Clearly it is an animal-friendly film.
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