Erin (glockbell) wrote,

Sucks to be Scarlet

The Spring Game was yesterday.
Dad and I went to the lacrosse game beforehand in order to get good seats and to help break the regular season attendance record. We started with a 3-0 lead on the Irish, but lost pretty badly in the second half.
Then the football team came out and put on a good show. Yet again, my beloved Gray team won, which brings me to 4-1 for games that I have attended and cheered for Gray. I especially liked Aaron Petrey's (intentional?) on-side kick and recovery. 2 TDs in 30 seconds is pretty awesome.
And I again contributed to a national attendance record with over 95,000 others. I was rather impressed by the turn-out (although the little girl next to me was annoying and I had to keep taking my leg off the ledge in front of me because I was being a bad influence on her). The stadium looked full, despite being 10,000 shy of usual capacity. I didn't think fans would come after being so unenthusiastic last year. I guess the near win against Texas enlivened spirits. The $5 tickets and free parking probably helped too.
I was also impressed that the Athletic Band essentially performed four different field shows. And I was glad to not be a part of it. Marching band's fun, but I'm getting too old for all that.
The final score was 23-3. 23 being my favorite number, I couldn't even be upset that Gray had to settle for a field goal on the final scoring drive.

Dad and I ate at the PAD afterward. I really love their pizza, so it was nice to have it again. Once more, fans surprised me by not coming in. No one else from the game seemed to go there to eat, so I can only assume that most fans don't know it exists. Or they underestimate it because student dining really gets a bad rep.

We also went to a senior recital for a friend of mine. I love hearing good trumpet players. I can practice and play technically challenging pieces, but I can never achieve that beautiful tone quality.

Doing so much in one day just makes it harder on days like today, when the only thing I do is finish reading a book (Sloppy Firsts, #21 for the year). Then again, maybe I can still blame yesterday for that since I woke up at 5:30 with a pounding dehydration headache. Five hours of sun, salty nachos, pretzels and pizza can do that to a person. Job starts in 9 days.
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